ISO Compliance Tools for Industry

AFFORDABLE Cloud-based tools to help your company conform to ISO standards

contemplating-250x167You can find many expensive solutions for document management, employee training or organizational collaboration.  Often these tools are out of reach because of their price and most features go unused because of their complexity.  ISO Cloud Tools has point solutions that can be implemented rapidly and at a lower cost than most other products.  The solutions cover these compliance requirements:
  • Document Repository - Easy yet powerful document storage with auditor notes and access security
  • Human Resource Training & Testing - Automatically track employee training and testing
  • Structured Collaboration & Communication - Create an environment for Continual Process Improvement

ISO Cloud Tools

A Document Management & Repository Tool
An Employee
Training & Testing Tool
Private Facebook-like Tool for collaboration
  • Online Quality Manual
  • Active links to Work Instructions
  • Active links to Quality Documents
  • Links to Process Training Courses
  • Link Documents to process maps
  • Manage process documentation
  • Unlimited categories & sub-categories
  • Auditor Notes & Comments
  • Restrict access to user groups

ISO Training Class

  • Flexible course management
  • Integrates with collaboration system
  • Multiple roles (CEO, teacher, student, etc...)
  • Advanced reporting and tracking
  • eMail notifications
  • Prerequisites and course completion criteria
  • Availability period
  • Certificates of completion
  • Question pool
  • 14 types of questions (e.g. multiple choice, true/false, matching, image hot spots, etc...)


  • Interactive, real time company newsletter
  • Access to company news, on the road, in the office or via iPhone
  • Disperse meeting minutes and commenting
  • Facebook - like interface
  • Department Group Discussions
  • Quality or Safety discussions
  • Any Ad Hoc Discussions
  • Event posting
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery